Video tutorials for cam girls

We wrote some articles about tips for cam girls. But if you want to hear from real cam girls about webcam modeling, we made this short list of videos where cam girls speak about their experience while working as webcam models.

These videos are taken from you tube. You will see cam models with huge experience taking about cam sites, their customers and much more.

These tutorials will give you answers on questions such as:

  1. how to be a cam girl?
  2. how much cam girl make money?
  3. best cam sites to work for?
  4. what you should know before start webcam jobs?
  5. tips how to make huge money and much more

Let’s start:

Tips before you become a cam girl


Identity and performance


How much do cam models really make?


Cam girl tips and tricks

Hope this will helps you to learn more about webcam modeling and webcam industry.